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Myths About Cooking Pasta

Myths About Cooking Pasta & Top 10 Cooking Pasta RecipesToday we are going to talk about some simple tips about paste, I did not learn cooking pasta or any new cuisine with traditional ways, Italian is not our traditional food and there was no one to teach me how to cook when I was learning and felling love with Italian and Spanish cousin or roman foods, cause it is not what my mother make, so I invented most of the recipes and I can tell you that there are few myths about cooking the pasta and you can actually survive way batter than these and I can tell you that cause I did not even know these when I was cooking and things worked for me pretty well.

Cooking Pasta

Myths About Cooking Pasta

There are many myths about cooking pasta that simply aren’t correct and yet they persist and today I am going to talk about those myths or should I say, some of those myths with all of you today.

Here are Some Myths About Cooking Paste:

Oil in The Water:

When I bought my first ever book regarding Italian and Spanish cousin I had already made paste more than 4 times and expect first time, it went pretty well, but when I read that you have to have to add oil in the water you preparing to cook paste then it was pretty shocking for me cause I never did that, actually it did not make any difference when I tried it with oil beside making it too slipperier and make it impossible to keep the sauce on it, so don’t add oil to the pasta water, instead, keep it in some water until you use it and it will keep it perfectly smooth and fresh.

Drain Well:

Don’t drain every last bit of water off of the pasta, actually keep some of the water cause it will not only keep your paste fresh and smooth and it often prove good for the sauce and sometimes you will even want to add more and it look pretty smooth;) so don’t drain well, keep some of the water you used to broil the paste.

Rinse The Pasta:

Now this is something I would say don’t do that at all, use clean and fresh water to cook paste and then don’t drain it well and don’t rinse the pasta at all, unless you are making seeming like cold pasta salad then you can wash it off or it will make it gummy and then toss it with a touch of olive oil, to keep it from sticking, but if you want to use it with some sort of sauce then keep the starch on cause it will make it taste yummier.

The Water Must be Boiling:

Well, not really true, I actually fill the pan and put it on the stove and then put my pasta in it an meanwhile prepare my sauce or vegetables and things work great for me, so if you think that your water must be boiling when you add pasta in it then you are wrong, you don’t need full rolling boil all the time, btw I sometime use a very cute way to cook pasta, I add paste in the pot of warm water and let it come to boil and then turn the heat off and cover it and the pasta will cook in the same amount of time and to the same texture as it would have if it cooked at a full boil, you just don’t need to keep looking at it, it would be ready by the time you actually need to use it.

Top 10 Cooking Pasta Recipes

Myths About Cooking Pasta Recipes

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