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My List Of Christmas Gifts For Women

My List of Christmas Gifts For Women

I spend more than a month to pick these best items from the market for all these best girls I have in my life who are so special and so important and I am picking the best things from market that you can try to get Christmas Gifts for the women in your life.

Christmas Gifts For Women

Here is a list of things that you can pick from your best friends and your GF:

Lizard Print Leather Diary:

Why am I starting with that, well! it has been sign  of luxury during couple of months not and when you get a trendy note book just for £25, then you pick it , don’t you? Well! Aspinal of London diaries are the epitome of luxury and no one would like to miss this animal print specially if you are not scared of lizard, and you can get embossing and engraving service and it is best for all of your close girl friends.

Lizard Print Leather Diary

Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace:

I simply love the way Her Highness carried it, this is getting in news for couple of weeks and who doesn’t like to embrace the royal look, I would love to though, you just have to pay £19.99 to get that beautiful sparkly crystal bead necklace from Zara and she will absolutely love the way it look with her little black dress.

Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace

Fiji Friendship Bracelet:

It is a bit expansive for all the friendship bands I have every bought so far, but we all know that no one like to lose good friends and we all love to pamper our closed ones and loved ones, so I guess a beautiful   Monica Vinader is a fashion favorite is worth of paying £125 and this chic Fiji friendship bracelet keep your friendship sparkling for ages.

Fiji Friendship Bracelet

Felicity Three-Hand Watch:

I just shared a blog named things you need to look trendy and over sized wrist was one of those 10 things and Michael Kors for just £209 is not bad, in fact it is pretty cute since he is one of my all time favorite designer for watch, if you are not happy with bright and too bold looks then you can try less bright one you can pick from the chick styles too.

Felicity Three-Hand Watch

One of my all time favorite and close friends love handbags and I bought this Sutra micro mini bag for her and I paid £125.69 for that, but the each and every penny is worth of it, cause such a great bag is on every woman’s wish list and the leopard print on this Diane Von Furstenberg bag is the perfect touch and all time in;) smart or what.

Slim Leg Leather Trousers:

We all know that, we rarely pay £99 for a trouser, and that is one reason you should pay for Marks & Spencer Leather trousers and that will be one of the best gift for your friend cause it is one thing that she can use with almost all kind of dresses and if she has beautiful legs then that is one thing to show her and put her in a brilliant style cause it will make her legs even slimmer and even longer.

Slim Leg Leather Trousers

Metallic Jacquard Blazer:

Well! That is one thing that I bought for myself;) I paid £210 for this metallic blazer cause when I looked at it, it was impossible to look something else and when it was impossible to look at something else then how could I give it to someone else;) well my gals will love to see me in that beautiful magical looking blazer so it is kind of present too to all of them.

Metallic Jacquard Blazer

Happy Christmas gals and guys:)

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