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Music For Baby In Womb

Music is said to be the food of soul. It’s not only true for young ones but also for babies in womb and after birth. The soothing music with great rhythm may affect the whole personality of the baby. It is thought and experienced by many researches that the babies who listen music or kept in atmosphere where the rhythmic music is played at least for 20mminutes a day and for 6 to 7 days develop differently as those without it. But it is definitely thought how the upbeat tunes help you to fall asleep. But it is observed that many babies when get used to listens lullabies tunes they go to sleep only when they listen otherwise they have to fight to sleep.

It is observed that the music may help the premature babies to grow faster, it is experimented in Brigham Young University that the baby is exposed to lullabies music for four days in isolate state for 40 minutes, when they were examined it is noticed that their blood pressure lowered, their heart beat is more rhythmic and they gain more weight. It is amazing that music play such vital role in their development.

Not only for child but when you listen the music with your child it will sooth your tense nerves, strengthen your muscles to carry the child and give you all positive energies to handle your child. You feel fun to spend the time with your child when you move your muscles in the form of dance to attract the child and to gain his or her attention toward yours.


It is said that music makes your child smart. But how to make it part of life. There are following ways:

  • Instead of television and pictures with music try your child listen stereo and see your body movements, in this way you can give all the positive gestures and helpful in his positive learning.
  • Usually try to sing songs while it’s his or her bed time. The things which we listen before to sleep get the part of our mind and memory and will help us to stimulate the ethical values within us.
  • Try to sing with your child no matter how is your sound; it will create great affiliation between you and your child.
  • If child try to play some musical instrument as piano or xylophone encourage him. In this way the inner energies of child to be used and compensate properly.

So keep remain with your child and with music.

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