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Music And Your Baby

Music plays a vital role in our life. The soothing music is always a best factor to stimulate many of our hidden energies.  It has been observed that the babies in their 28 the week of pregnancy start to listens the voice of their mother and other familiar voices.

They also react with these voices. It has been observed that the music play an important role in building the loving bond between baby and his mom. The reason of this is that the rhythmic sounds always attract every one and the instinct for such sounds in human beings is more specialized as compared to other creatures.

However what type of music is soothing for baby in the womb and after his birth.

  1. Make a play list of all songs which you think are appropriate for your kid and not to play the same again and again, because it will create irritation in them as in you. But with some songs they will become more active and show the pleasant movements.
  2. Adjust the volume of the music in such a way which will give him the mesmerizing effect, not too loud to create hypertension in you because if the baby in womb then the amniotic fluid amplify the sounds to him.
  3. Select the music for your children which not only have loud beats but some positive influence in his personality making.
  4. The music played for children is such that to create the joyful atmosphere in their learning.
  5. The music instruments are used for babies should be such which will develop among the children the sensory awareness and gross motor skills.
  6. The singing and the dramatization of songs by whole body movements and playing rhythmic instruments all are helpful for child positive upbringing.
  7. But with this entire limit the time of listening the music because to avoid any over stimulation.

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