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Why Moms Choose To Cloth Diaper?

As the time passing away we see that many of the things are transforming in advanced and modern shapes. These modern things are more users friendly and economic and favorable for the consumer. But there are some of the things which are modernized but still people like to use its vintage form.

Let’s talk about a most common thing that is diapers. It is the time of 1960s when mother got introduced by disposable diapers. But still moms are using cloth Diaper in large number. In 1980’s and 1990’s it become very popular among the mothers as it was quite easy to use and even easier to carry with the other stuff.

Disposable Diaper is still available in the market in different size and style but still mothers are using cloth diapers in a large quantity. It is come to know after a survey report that the percentage of mothers who are using cloth diapers is still bigger than those mothers who are using disposable diapers.

When it was asked by the mothers they pointed first of all that it is quite economical to use cloth diaper as if we purchase the pack of diapers it is not much expensive but these are not long lasting while cloth diapers are quite easy to use and long lasting.

Health factor is also very important for using cloth diaper because disposable diaper takes about 500 years to be disposed off and it could cause of a big reason of pollution not even a single mom is known of the number of disposable diapers that is thrown by mothers on daily basis.

Some of the mothers have stop using diaper as they said that it becomes the big reason for rashes because some of the babies have extremely sensitive skin and disposable diapers can cause rashes on them.

Well these all factors all the big reason for the increase in usage of cloth diapers as compared to disposable diapers. Here in the market many companies are introducing new style and designs of cloth diapers for the mothers.

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