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Miscellaneous Tips to Look Beautiful

Tips to Look Beautiful EverydayToday we are adding another blog in our miscellaneous tips to look beautiful serious and I am sure you are enjoying it very much, even though I am not caring any sort of one line of these tips, I use home remedies, medical and surgical tips, artificial helps and cosmetic help too, cause I feel anything is good as long it is making us look good and beautiful.

Miscellaneous Tips to Look

Miscellaneous Tips to Look Beautiful

Add Layers:- Normally we all use extensions to add length or volume to our hair which is very risky and clumsy too since extensions never found in nature colors and textures that don’t blend with your own make things look weirder so try to add some simple layers of original hairpieces and try to add sleek layers and then some simple ones to lengthen a ponytail or fatten an undo.

Add Layers to Hair

Two Minute Blow-Dry:- When you don’t have time to finish your hair dry perfectly, then skip it completely cause when we try the T-zone blow-dry like on the ends and on the hairline only, it look so messed up so say no to 2 minutes dry instead of that you can look better with either tightly done hair or natural curls. Blonde hair lighters are very difficult cause absorbs gray light, making it look dull and flat and bright shiny make it look artificial and unacceptable, in that look you can try warm apricot lowlights complements paler winter skin, and a gloss is essential to seal the hair and reflect shine and it look perfectly stunning with right curls or straight finish.

How To Blow Dry Your Bangs in Two Minutes

Try Before You Buy:- No matter what you buy, you should not only try it first, but you need to make sure you know all the low points of that product, you should smell it, try on your skin or hair and how does it look and then pay, no matter how convincingly customer care girls say it’s good, you need to know it yourself before you pay for it.

Try Before You Buy Hair

Skip The Salon:- To see how things work for you, try to skip your hair dye appointment for couple of months and let the real color show off near your face and the dyed shade on the your shoulder and see how does it look.

Skip The Salon For Hair

Flawless Updo:- To get a flawless bun, tie your bun up high and then secure perfectly and then take a clean mascara wand with hairspray and comb up from the nape of the neck toward the bun to smooth down any stray hairs and apply the same trick near your ears too and then spray your hair once again to keep the messy texture around your bun and perfectly flawless upto.

Flawless Updo Hair Bun

Plump Pout:- For fuller lips try to get a glossy look and for perfect look try outlining the perimeter of your lips using a concealer brush dipped in bronzes two shades deeper than your skin tone and the apply your gold, peach, or coral gloss and it will give you perfect desired look.

Plump Pout

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