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Miley Cyrus VMA 2012 Dress Features Plunging Cleavage Along With Her Shaved Head

The Red Carpet of MTV Video Music Awards was shining like a sky and the Celebrities who was stepping on the red carpet was looking like stars and even more shining than real one.

The world is getting glamorous day by day and you will be agree with me if you just have a look on the Award ceremony of the VMAs held on Thursday September 6, 2012.


All the top celebrities of the Hollywood hit the red carpet with their best but some of them were looking like a star in real.

First of all I would like to narrate about the Miley Cyrus who was looking like a “Star in the Black” as her appearance on the red carpet made everyone stunned and steal the show their would be hardly any one who has not starred at the Miley Cyrus she was dressed like Hollywood top Star Angelina Jolie.


19-year old Miley Cyrus dressed in a plunge in a black gown with a very low-cut neckline which displayed a lot of cleavage. She was looking gorgeous like hell.

The dress was mesh panels with matching sleeves and a train which flowed behind Miley as she walked the red carpet. She was wearing her hair into new peroxide pixie cut into a retro quiff.


The star who made every to star at her dressing at least for a while was Katy Perry. Katy Perry was dressed in the Sexy and hot black dress with the floor length her black sleeveless strapped gown was detailed with the color flowers and sheer long skirt through which legs eve visible.


Petty was wearing her hairs open unlikely in black colour. Then here comes the top pop singer of the Hollywood Rihanna who was dressed in the white backless dress she stepped in the red carpet and a flood of flashes came toward her.

She was dressed in the flowing white dress with an interesting knot at the waist and wearing a high heel sandal underneath the dress with the which nail polish on the feet nail and on the hand she got some nail designing. In short she was looking like a pretty girl with the same attitude.

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