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Mila Kunis MakeUp

Mila Kunis has become very famous in the Hollywood Industry in such a small period of time not just because of her acting or movies but she has got something really impressive and that is her personality.

In her personality the most impressive feature is her face which has been attracted by many of the people and especially by the director of the “Black Swan” movie which was a blockbuster hit on the Hollywood box office. The director of the Black swan movie Darren Aronofsky said that he has found the perfect face for the role in the movie and that was Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis Make up is getting very famous among the Hollywood fans. Even many of the women like to have a make up like her by calling her name. She has even beaten far away another celebrity who is also famous for her shadow eye makeup and nude glossy lips she is Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian was named as a most popular make up icon of the Hollywood as she has never hit the camera without makeup but she is not on the level of Mila Kunis may be the reason is her “heterochromia iridis”. Mila Have got the two eyes with different color which is noticeable easily; Mila has got her left eye with green color and right eye in brown color. This happens very rare in human being.

Rachel Goodwin the makeup artist of Mila Kunis said that Mila Kunis have got the bigger eyes naturally that her makeup style attracts every one. Rachel Goodwin has stated a few steps of make up.

She said that first of all she applies a neutrals eye shadow quad than she tries to extend the shade of champagne color underneath the eye brows and blends tan into the crease and smudging the dark green color along the lash line. Than she applies the shimmer of Khaki color. she said I like to line the inner lash line of Mila Kunis with the dark color of eyeliner it makes eyes more prominent and at the end she applies the mascara to complete her look.

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