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Menopause And Weight Gain For Women

Menopause And Weight Gain For WomenMenopause And Weight Gain For Women, Woman at the stage of menopause increase some weight around the abdomen. This weight is increase due to decrease in estrogen and weakness of muscles tissues. Generally menopause occurs in women when they stop ovulating and in this stage monthly periods also stop. In this process hormonal changes take place that also contribute to increase the weight.

According to survey it is seeing that menopause start at the age of 35 to 55years. The increase in fat around belly change the body shape and woman get worry from this situation. At this level women weigh increase from 10 to 15 pounds. The fat gathers at the abdomen and stomach also get round and you body presents the appeal shape.

Due to sudden change women starts different exercises but in body many hormonal changes also take place that directly effect the appetite, metabolism and fat storage. Estrogen hormones interlink with woman sex organ and execute the process of ovulation at the every month. At the age of menopause the ratio of hormones decreases and stops the process of ovulation. The ovaries stop to produce estrogen and fat started produce this estrogen and less burn the calories due to this body also gain weight. The fat stored around the wall of abdominal and near internal organs which create the risk for development of heart disease.

To control over weight it is suggested to use low fat diet and increase high fiber food. It is necessary to make habit of aerobic exercise regularly because it boosts the metabolism.

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