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Matte Nail Polish Tips

Matte Nail Polish TipsMatte Nail Polish Tips With the season and development in fashion industry, the manicure techniques are changing day by day. The positive change is always welcome as practicing the old ways make you tired .Every day keep reading to find out the new ways to carry your favorite colors. At first the glossy nail polish is used for many years but now the matte nail polish takes its place.

The application of matte nail polish is slightly different and requires specific tips:

  • If there is any stain or strip of previous nail polish removes it completely.
  • The transparent base coat is not applied in case of base coat because if it is applied it will give the uneven texture after application of matte polish.
  • Apply the single coat of matte nail polish with fine brush as it covers the whole nail smoothly and you get the even surface.
  • Allow it to dry completely and wait to adhere with the nail surface; otherwise it will be peeling off immediately.
  • Avoid applying the top coat because if it is applied it will turn the matte effect to glossy.
  • The matte nail polish is good for short nails as for the long nails more then one coat is applied to cover the nail and it will cause chipping and peeling at the tips.


Its not fashion victim to select the color of nail polish but an irresistible desire to look best.

Here are top choices of colors of matte nail polish of the season:

GREEN: All shades of green from light to darkest are in fashion of the season. The mint green is the most vibrant color of the season.

BERRY: It is in between red and pink or the mixture of both. It catches the attraction when combined with black outfits.

PURPLE: It is an eponymous in color collection. Perfect crème purple and reddish purple all has stunning effects

ALMOST BLACK: It is the coolest color with green, blue and red under tones. In matte nail polish this color got the most eminent grade in color collections.

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