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Maryam Nawaz Sharif New Face Of The Pml-N

Maryam nawaz sharif scandal with captain safdar,Hot Photo,s and Video,maryam nawaz sharif marriage..maryam nawaz sharif facebook.Today we are going to talk about the eldest daughter of current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif since she serves as the chairman of the board of the Sharif Medical and Dental College and she is playing her role in Pakistan politics too since 2011 and she is getting some sort of reputation very rapidly, some are against her and some are in her favor, but we are just going to show you the Maryam Nawaz, a person, a woman who is standing with her family to work for the country which is nutritious for crimes and terrorism we are just going to talk what kind of person she is, we are not judging her on any ground, cause we actually don’t want to, it is far more impressing for me that she is standing to do something good or something productive for her country, with her family for people of her country who are blaming her family and her for all the failures of their country, and they still trying to pull things up.

She is currently working on her doctoral degree at Cambridge University and her capability of speaking of four languages shows how intelligent she is and she designed all the rules and regulations and each and every aspect of newly-launched Rs100 billion Youth Business Loan scheme as a chairperson which is going to be first of its type thing in Pakistan.

Maryam nawaz sharif scandal with captain safdar,Hot Photo,s and Video,maryam nawaz sharif marriage..maryam nawaz sharif facebook.-

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, being the new political star on Pakistan’s political firmament has become one of the most authentic and the reputed faces in South Asian dynastic politics, within 15 days of her investiture, Ms. Sharif has been tasked to spearhead the most ambitious Youth Loan Scheme in Pakistan’s history, although the Rs.100 billion (Nearly $9.5 billion) load schema is getting some issues and some scandals, but still she is trying to get things in her hands and make her people see the honest [purpose of encouraging the Pakistani entrepreneurs, including women and they are actually working with a very perfect authentic scams.

I don’t know how come they well educated and the highly intelligent politicians cannot see the main reason behind all these bridge and roads and all the public work, did they never learn anything from their economics teachers, when you deal with uneducated people, when the 75% of your public does not hold any kind of education degree then you have to do something to give them food, to provide money and the best way to do that is to start public work, construction and buy services instead of goods and that is what they have been doing for ages.

We have issues that they are spending more time in foreign tours instead of spending time in the country and solve the issues that we have on domestic levels, tell me one things, what would you do if you have to cook food and the main gate of your home fell off, would you cook food or would you build the wall or gate first? That is what they are doing, we are shrouded with enemies, no one is with us, no one is ready to help us if India, America or any other country attach on us, he is going to each and every country to rebuilt the friendship lands to help the country and then he will cook food for all of us useless and dishonest nation, if you selected the Prime Minister then put some trust on him too, can you rearrange a home within days or weeks, they have country to handle, give them some time, and if you are too desperate to get things done a bit more faster than do yourself a favor, meanwhile they are constructing the gate, get up and cook food, don’t sit and wait that they will finish constructing the gate and then they will cook food too, I am hoping, infect I am pretending that you know and you understand what I am saying, prove me wrong or right, prove something, prove that you people are still alive, you are humans, you are really a creation of All Mighty.

What I personally think, she rocks.

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