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Mario Dedivanovic 20 Makeup Tips For Perfect Look

Mario Dedivanovic Makeup and beautiful Kim KardashianWe are going to share what Mario Dedivanovic has to say about cosmetic, today, he shades his secrets with the media few days back and he literally told everything, from products he uses to how he met Kim and how he became absolutely essential for her look, but we are just going to talk about his makeup skills too and what he does to give her that look.

Mario Dedivanovic 20 Makeup Tips

Here are some tips he shared to get perfect looks.

  1. Your hands and your fingers are the best blending tool and the best applicator.
  2. Keep your brushes clean and smooth, but don’t wash then everyday cause that will ruin the texture of your brush, wash them three times a month and change your brushes and your applicators after every three to four months.
  3. If you are not fresh and you feel that your eyes look tired and sleepy then never add shimmer shades instead try matte shadows and nude base shade.
  4. Always apply moisturizer with a sponge before foundation and powder and give it some time to get absorbed in the skin and then it will give your skin a very smooth and naturally fine skin.
  5. If you don’t have too much issues then use cream based foundations as they are best for your skin even if you have super oily skin, you just need to look for oil free cream based things as you can blend them from a light to full coverage, never ever go for mineral oil based foundation or concealer, they are not good for you, pick one with vegetable oil based.
  6. If you are getting ready for photo shoots then use darker foundation as flash makes you look lighter and colorless.
  7. If you are using moisturizer and serum then you can skip primer cause then it would look unnatural and unnecessary.
  8. Silicone are best for your skin and they are very suitable for almost every skin tone you, just need to pick one foundation or concealer that has silicon as a main ingredient.
  9. Get Beauty Blender blends product for your best looking skin ever, Bounce it and tap and blend it and that will give you the best finish possible.
  10. Always use loose powder to finish the look as it would create the most natural finish possible, if you have wrinkles or fine lines then just don’t use over that area, or you can use the transparent one.
  11. To get beautiful cheeks use pink or a peach concealer with flat brush and then blend it out with your hands or beauty blander.
  12. Always start your contouring with soft shades and build with the powder
  13. You can use grey shade to contour your jaw line or your cheeks.
  14. Take the shade and start from the top of the ear and go down just underneath the cheekbone and make a line and then take fluffy brush and blend it well.
  15. Use highlighters to get all the attention on your good features, use highlight at the center bone of your nose, cupids bow, inner tear-duct and high points of the cheekbones and use your fingers to blend it.
  16. Keep smudging the eye shadow along the bottom lash line too and use thin brush for that and it will give you a sultry effect with sweet touch.
  17. Use mat kohl pencil to line the eyes, but then cover the wing with liquid to give your eye intensive look.
  18. Smokey eyes are all about your understanding with gradient effect, as smooth you will go the better look you will get.
  19. Bronzer is one thing that I think is best friend of every girl; you should go three shades darker with bronzer and make sure to pick reddish brown matte shade accruing to your skin tone.
  20. Use bronzer all around your face to frame your face.

Best of luck girls.

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