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Manicured French Tips For Different Types of Nail Manicures

French Nails TipsManicured French Tips – To give hands the modest and clean look the use of French Manic cure is the best way.

It is the art of coloring the nails with pink or transparent paint at the nail bed and the white nail polish at the tip of the nails.

The French manicure in home is the inexpensive way of treating the nails with   privacy.


Manicured French Tips

The Following Guide Lines are Help Full for The French Manicure in Home


First to remove the stains of old nail polish and to get the clear canvass for more work.

Remove Nail Polish


With the nail clipper shape up the nails according to the length of the fingers. In French manicure the square shape of the nails is in fashion. After shaping the nails use emery board to scrap the edges and make them smooth at the corners of the nails.

File Nails Round # Manicured French Tips


Prepare a solution of water with shower gel, olive oil, lemon juice and bit of cuticle cream in it. These ingredients exfoliate the dead skin and soft the cuticle to be pushed back with ease. Soak your hands in the solution for 15 minutes. Now use the orange stick to push the cuticle.

How to Make a Citrus Cuticle Soak


To make the nail surface do buffing at the nail beds, it will remove the ridges or any unevenness from the surface and make it shiny.

Buff The Nails & Manicured French Tips


Apply the hand lotion or hand cream generously to massage. It will give soft and smooth hands. Remove excess moisturizer from the nails with nail polish remover.

How to Massage Hands


Take clear nail polish and apply it on the nail bed in single coat .As it gets dry applies the white polish at the tip horizontally. You may use the paper stencil to get the straight line. When it gets dry apply the top coat of clear nail polish to preserve the French main cure.

Apply Nail Polish For Manicured French Tips

Now go among people and enjoy the compliment with your French manicure.

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