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Manicure Ideas For Summer 2014

Manicure Ideas Summer 2011Manicure Ideas | Summer 2011 – Application of nail polish is in fashion to make the hands awesome and pamper your feelings in exotic way. In the beginning it was only the French manicure nail art but now the nail art and manicure change with the season.

As the dull winter season break through in summer’s bright and vibrant colors. Different trends and designs are seen in nail art in the summer 2014.

Combination of animal and floral prints:

Though the different animal prints as leopard or tiger print are in fashion in 2011 but to give diversity combine different shades and colors of nail polish to create the combination of  animal prints and floral patterns give the nail art a new look .

Half curved design:

The half curved design at the tip of the nail must be tried. The combination of red or silver nail polish or the combination of different shades of same hue gives the glamorous look to the nails in simple way of art.

Stripes and bars:

Polishing the nails with stripes or bars of different colors, width and length and in different directions is the best idea for the season with these stripes of different styles the jewels or stones may be applied at the tips of nails give the most stunning look to the nail design.

Crackle nails art:

Application of crackle nail polish is the most popular in the whole world which requires little skill and gives gorgeous results. There is just a need of base coat and the over it the crackle nail polish is applied. The networks of cracks appear on the glazed surface of nails. It is the best idea and choice of the season. It gives the nail an extraordinary look if applied with special skills.

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