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Makeup Tricks to Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Makeup Tricks to Make Your Face Look SlimmerIf you have a round, chubby face and you it want to give it an elongated seem, you will be pleased to know that you can successfully create the desired effect with the help of makeup. Makeup is a powerful tool that can help you create different effects and looks. If applied trickily, it can effectively slenderize your face by calling attention off your face shape and enhancing the other features such as eyes and lips.


Contouring is the key step in making your. If done perfectly with a slanted makeup brush contouring can enhance your natural facial line, giving them depth and plenty of definition. As you want to create the illusion of slimmer, a bit longer face, apply the contouring powder from behind the ears, underneath the jaw line and to your chin. If you’re using blusher instead of contouring powder, apply it to the length of your cheekbones to elongate your face.


A highlighter can work wonders to make your face slimmer by drawing attention off your rounder features. You can use a light-shimmery highlighter to emphasize your more prominent and defined features, this will help you look thinner. Sweep a bit of color underneath the arch of your brows and to the tops of your cheekbones so that light will reflect away from your bone structure.


If you are seeking a quick fix, bronzer is the thing you need. Bronzer not only will give you sun-kissed glow, but will definitely make it sure that your face is appearing much slimmer than its original size. Add a little product along the hollows of your cheeks and see the difference it makes.

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