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Makeup Tricks For Beautiful Eyes

There are so many ways to get a perfect looking eyes and now there are millions of techniques to hide or enhance any feature or hide them and today we are going to shade some simple tips that will not only help you get some beautiful eyes, but they will are so simple and so easy that you can actually try all of them every day and you will look as excellent as any celebrity does.

There are some simple tips that you can use to get beautiful eyes:

Eyeliner can be your best friend if only you actually know how to use it and how to apply it for different looks and requirements, and if you don’t and you still apply it then it can be a huge and worst enemy too, there are so many tricks and ways that we have already shared with you guys to apply the liner for right and appropriate way so you need to make sure if you are applying the right way or not.

Makeup Tricks For Beautiful Eyes

If you are looking for some kind of soft and smooth look then you can try line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner and that is a very interesting trick to get the best looking eyes makes up.

If you want to get a very prominent and bright eye makeup look then you just need to take white eye pencil and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid and then you just need to blink your eyes for couple of time and then do it again and that really work, you can even use it on your upper lid too, but inside and then you can use a thinnest line on tight line on your upper lid and that will make your eye long brighter and bigger.

Make up Tricks For Brown Eyes

Never ever forget your bows, you need to use special brush for it to set the right shape and then if you think that it will get messy then you can add some gel on the brush and that will actually help your eyes look more shaped and more perfect, then you need to use soft pencil to give a perfect shape too and then you can let the gel get dry before you start doing anything else and it will stick there.

We have a all time favorite tip for applying mascara and that is use a lash curler when your lashes are wet and then you just need to apply a transparent mascara on both side, repeat this for couple of time and then puff some face powder on your lashes and then use black or any mascara that you use for your lashes apply and see the difference.

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