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Makeup Tips To Get Slim Face

Makeup Tips To Get Slim FaceThere are so many things that you can do to get a slimming looking faced and there are so many tricks that you can try to get a beautiful slim face, first thing that you can try is stop using sugar at all, sugar is not good, not for you face, not for your body and defiantly not for your beauty so say no to sugar and next think that you can try is hair cut, you can get a haircut that can make you look small and lean and even some hair shades do that for you and if you seriously looking for some perfect hair cut and shade then I am sure your hair dressers would be able to help you.

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Cause when we eat too much sweet it goes straight to your face and make you look fatter and bigger so if you want to look slimmer then you need to know some tips for contorting and that will not only help your looks, but it will actually make you beautiful too and photo-perfect, and here are some simple tips for you.

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We are going to try some really simple and very interesting tricks to look good and look smart, once you get into this world you will be the master of looks then you would be able to create your own looks and images, this is just a game of illusions and you just play with eyes of people to look slimmer and smarter, it is just a game of right color and the right brush and all about contorting and right hairstyle.

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Now since we are trying to get slimmer look then we will start with best foundation and for that you just need to pick one shade darker foundation, but not too dark and you just need to look a bit more smooth cause we are going to use contorting and we need smooth base for that and you need to blend it well and try to get the best foundation ever and keep blending till you feel like you were born with that skin.

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We will add same darker shaded for our eyes to get a brighter and sparkly eye illusion cause that will help you look smaller and prettier, and then we will trick with cheeks and that is the most complicated area of your face and for that you need to sue darker shade but mineral brown is best for that cause that will give you the perfect look and squeeze your face and you need to get a straight line form cheeks to the temple and blend it well and then use a bit maroonish or brownish for contorting the cheeks and sides so just apply simple shade on your color bone and on your jaw bone and blend it well and if you have double chin then you can try some darker shade on it too and then blend with soft hands.

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