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Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

Makeup Tips For Pale Skin
Girls wants Makeup Tips For Pale Skin

Everyone desires to look elegant regardless of their complexion, Though the dark skin is less prone to the harmful effects of external factors, but makeup of dark skinned women is a bit difficult than a fair-skinned women. Dark complexioned women must be very careful in choosing the colors and shades for makeup.

Some effective makeup tips for dark skin are given below:

Foundation: First and far most thing in perfect makeup is perfection of the makeup base. The people having dark complexion should keep their skin tone in mind while choosing the foundation and the other makeup elements like concealer and powder etc.

Dark skinned people shouldn’t opt for the hues lighter than their natural skin color because it will give a mask effect. Liquid foundations are best option for them.

Perfect blending is also equally important to give your makeup a natural touch. Opt for the powders that can give you a soft look. Don’t try to get shiny look, it might mess up your whole makeup.

Eye Makeup: Emphasizing the eyes is the next step of makeup. Apply a small amount of translucent powder on the eyelids for the enduring effect. Then apply the dark hues as prune back, burgundies, copper and dark browns because the dark colors matches with your complexion more, than the light ones.

You can opt for metallic shades to add some shine in eye makeup; it will make you look stunning if applied for any night or evening function.

Use brown or gray eyeliners in the day time, these will not only brighten up your eye makeup but also make it more sensitive and fabulous.

Lips: You should opt for matte finish lipsticks rather than frost finish ones. You can use browns, burgundy, berry shades and plums shades of lipsticks. Other shades, which suit dark complexion, include shades of beige, soft pink and gold, chocolates, dark plums, berry shade, wine shades, burgundy etc.

People with dark toned lips must prepare a base first using a lip balancer.

Blush: Blush gives final touch to your makeup. Be careful while choosing the blush shades for your skin. Brown and peach shades don’t suit the dark complexion. Yu should opt for deep orange, coral, rose, and goldish shades.

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