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Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

If you are one of those who cannot see without glasses and your don’t want to or cannot use lenses and just because your eyeglasses either make your make up look too prominent or too dull to look good and just cause of that you don’t like to use any kind of make up on your eyes then here are some simple tips for you to get beautiful look even with your glasses.

First of all you need to apply any kind of make at home and you need to have lots of time cause you need to see if your make up look on you or not and if it does not then you need to see what is the look that will look good on you, practice will make your look perfect, you just need to keep practice and then you will get the look you actually looking for, just be patient and don’t lose the hope.

First of all let me tell you that if you are using light smaller and light shades frames that will not only make you look sweet and cute but they will also allow  you to use more and many shades on your face too, so if you picked that thick big black frame on your first visit to your option then it does not mean that you cannot change it now, try some cool and some stylish one, or you can try transparent one too which look so sexy on girls  and will make you look lighter and smoother as well, so you need to work on your frame too.

Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

First and the most important thing, when you use Bifocals try to avoid any kind of artificial thing, colored lenses, artificial lashes or anything else cause no matter how brilliantly you apply, your Bifocals will make it so easy for everyone to see that they are fake and I know this would be the last thing you would want from your look, and when you are using glasses you need to admit that you can look either too sexy or sweet and I will leave that to you which look you want.

Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

If you use those spectacles that make even wider looking eyes look smaller  then you need to use dramatic make up, you can try outlines, no matter how beautiful they look when you are applying, you need to see which line is good for you when you wear glasses, so you need to keep practicing, but you can try some loud lines and loud shades too and apply extra blending time which will make your look extremely beautiful  and natural, don’t let anyone see which shade you applied first and which later.

How to Makeup Tips For Eyeglass Wearers

If you have those glasses which make your small and normal eyes look huge and bright then you need to be very careful and very moderate, you can use mascara, but don’t use lash curler, use tight liner, but don’t use liner, use very natural shade, but don’t add shimmer at all, no highlights and no sharp edges at all.

Smile a lot, your smile is the thing which will make you the most beautiful woman in any occasion and be confident, you are beautiful.

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