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Makeup Tips For Asian Women

Asian women are one of the finest feminine looking woman of this world and they look one of the best with their petite frames, flawless butter smooth skin, silky straight dark hair and absolutely cute doll look facial features and the cutest thing about these ladies are they keep making their look better every day and I love the way they look after their skin and their body, but today I am going to give you some make up tips for Enhance the look with cosmetic.

Here are some tips for Asian woman to look makeup perfect:

Yellow based foundations look fantastic on Asian skin tones, but if you use two tones on your face then it would make your look and toned too, like a one shade darker shade on your T-zone and then a lighter shade on your cheeks and around your eyes the it would not only help you get perfect skin tone, but it will make your blush on more perfect and natural too.

Makeup Tips For Asian Women

Eye liner:- eyeliner is something that is very important and very essential for your look, we all know that if you are Asian and from somewhere in India or Pakistan then you would have perfect almond shaped eyes which need some liner to enhance the look and if are from anywhere china or Japan then you need to give you small looking eyes some shape to make them look and feel beautiful, so try to use tight eye lid liner which not only add the depth in your eyes, but make it look and feel beautiful  too and you can try a cat eye liner too which will enhance your natural look.

Eye Shadow:- well that is one thing that can make you look beautiful and ugly too, you can use any shade that go with your personality, but you should blend it well too, if you have fair complexion then you can use any shade you want, but if you have darker complexion then go for natural shades, try greens, blue, purples and teal if you want to attract all of the attention, but never forget to blend the eye shadow perfectly to cover up the odd lines showing up on your eye lid.

Makeup Tips For Asian Eyes

Blush:- Asian girls do emphasize on their cheeks too as they want perfect eyes and their lips too, you can use pink and any shade of pink no matter what kind of complexion you have, but if you want to add some dramatic touch then use light pink and brown on your cheeks and bronzer on your jaw lien and mate brown on your chain and blend it well and you will love the look.

Lip color:- try to stick with natural glossy shades as they are very much in these days and use lip-gloss which look beautiful anywhere, you can use lipstick too, but no everywhere, cause it look so subtle and so classy, and NOT Chick at all.

Best of luck.

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