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Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

We are shearing some simple shaded that you can use to get a beautiful  brown eye look and if you are one of those who like to get naught with their looks then here are some hottest shades for you during this season.

Cobalt Shadow is a very bold and beautiful shade and if you have brown eyes then it is best for you, actually brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so there are a lot of options that you can try, but I would say that you should try Cobalt Shadow for sure and that will give you a unique peak and a killing attraction, vibrant blue shadow, like Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Eye shadow in Fire Sapphire, for rich and they are absolutely beautiful for bright beautiful dark brown eyes and electric shade like this really makes brown eyes pop and look trendy and styling and you can add EGGPLANT MASCARA in that look too so you can enjoy a perfect look.

Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

Greenish Gold Shadow is great for those who like to have a mysterious look and who like to have beautiful shimmery eyes and you can use this plain look or you can add goldesh yellow and green together and keep blending till you get a perfect look Green is a wider and the bright shade for brown eyes and that will give you a bright and beautiful look.

Best Eyeshadow for Brown

Copper Shadow is warm and as classy and mysterious as the brown eyes are and that make it the best combination ever and if you think that you need something classy and you need to create something beautiful and transformer look then this is the best shade that you can try and if you add some sparkling and some beautiful liners with that then you will look absolutely beautiful for sure and I would recommend the navy shadow and liner for that, if you are going somewhere day time then you can try adding deep blue and if you want to look even more beautiful  and stylish then you can use copper shadow with blue linear and mascara and you would look absolutely beautiful and that will add slight but eye-catching contrast and if you want to add more glamor then you can try some simple fake lash too.

Rock your beautiful brown eyes.

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