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Make Your Hair Fast Growing

Make Your Hair Fast Growing The canopy of beautiful and healthy growth of hair gives the elegance to women’s features. But this is not specific for women; men also desire that their head is covered with thigh healthy hair. There are many factors which effect the growth of hair.

Among them are the

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • General health
  • Diet

Are the common which have great influence on the growth of hair .when you want that your hair grow rapidly attention is paid at these factors to get the magical results.


Our hair is the features which we inherit from our fathers and forefathers. It has direct relation with our genetics. The genetic code which we receive from our parents is shown in hair texture, color and growth. It is set automatically by nature.


With age certain hormonal changes occur in body which reduces the growth of hair. That’s the reason that baldness is seen with age. But it’s not the irreversible process. With the use of healthy eating and healthy living habits we can make the hair growth dense even in older age.


General health either physical or mental both are part and parcel for the healthy growth of hair. Happiness and stress free state of mind is acquired by contentment and trusting upon God are the basic keys for good mental health. Decide this enough sleep, proper exercise and emotional stability play important role in making hair growth faster and denser. Take sleep of 8 to 9 hours each night and does the exercise of 30 minutes daily keep you physically and mentally healthy.


There is no alternate ad compensation of balanced diet .the balanced diet is one which contains all the essential components in specific amount required by the body. Proteins and certain vitamins are essential for rapid and healthy growth of hair. Our hair texture is made up of proteins and worth these vitamin A, B, C, and E is necessary for the subtle growth of hair. These all are obtained from meat .green vegetables and grains. Beside these essential components of diet the role of certain elements as zinc, phosphorus and magnesium can not be denied for the dense growth of hair. These promote the growth and earth of existing hair as well as stimulate the new hair follicles.


It is necessary to increase the blood circulation to the scalp, reduces the stress hormones as cortical and removes the toxins from the body. Yoga and certain aerobics ensure the healthy and faster growth of hair.

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