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Make Up Tips For Brown Eyes

Make up is an art and to learn about any art we needs practice and hard work. That’s why most of us who do their make up themselves, need to learn how to do make up because they don’t have as much knowledge about make up as an expert or famous beautician.

Make Up Tips For Brown Eyes

So here are some basis Make Up Tips which can be helpful to you while making up.

Most of us think that bright make up makes us more beautiful, it’s wrong. It presents you as a wicked and clever lady. A soft and natural make up makes you innocent and beautiful.

  • So first of all make sure that you are going to do a light and natural make up.
  • Before starting make up your face should be neat and clean. Do cleansing with a moisturizing cream or lotion or wash your face properly.
  • Use primer before foundation. It fill fine lines and gives the foundation a natural look.
  • Now apply foundation which should be lighter than your color. The layer of foundation should be equal from every side of the face.
  • Don’t use too much foundation to have extra white complexion. It will give unnatural look.
  • Use mascara and eye liner very lightly.
  • Now choose the eye shadow according to your dress color, give a light layer on eye lid then blend it with little darker or contrast color of eye shadow.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes & Make Up Tips

Your lipstick should be placed very properly. It shows your sense of making up yourself. Choose the color of lipstick after a research that which color suits you. Bright colors are not in fashion now.

Place the lipstick on the lips then keep a tissue paper between your lips and catch the tissue tightly with your lips. Then remove the tissue and place the lipstick again. In this way your lipstick will remain on your lips for a long time. Then use the lip liner to give border to your lips.

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So try these rules and enjoy a good make up.

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