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Make Up Tips For Flawless Look

There are so many things that you can do with your cosmetics to get a fresh and flawless looks and we will start with foundation, there are millions of ways to apply the foundations and there are so many finishes of foundations too so you can use any of these to get flawless bas and then you can start with face powder to get a perfect ace, you can even use one or two shades of foundation in one go, you can mix them all to get the perfect look too and you can use one or two shade darker for  face contorting and that will actually give you a perfect and natural look and it would be the best contorting possible cause after face powder it will look too natural.

If you are not trying artificial lashed then before applying any eye makeup take some gel or transparent mascara for your eyes and use lash curler and now you need to give it some time to get dry and now you can start with eye makeup,

Make Up Tips For Flawless Look

you can apply face powder of your lashes before mascara and then you can use dark mascara and that will give your smoky look.

Simple Makeup Tricks for Flawless Skin

You can start with defining your brows with a dark Eye brow pencil and then use some eye liner and then use Kohl Pencil in Black to finish your smoky looks and then apply a last coat of mascara before you go for your cheeks.

Flawless Makeup Tips and Tricks

Apply the blush on your apples of your cheeks and then blend it with your big brush and if you think that shade is too dark then take some lightest pinkish and white blush and mix it well in you hand and then apply it over your cheeks and that will handle the look absolutely perfectly.

How to Do Your Makeup Flawlessly

Apply a fine shade of lipstick on your lips, but never match it with your dress or your eyes shades, use shades of pink or reds and you can try brown and all shade of gold too, but it is up to your skin tone and then when it is done tab some silver slip gloss on the center and rub it between your lips to get pouty lips 🙂

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