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Make-Up Tips For Different Eye Types

We are going to try corrective make up for different eye types and we are going to make it as easy for everyone that even a person who are completely new comer in this line would be able to apply it, but you need to make sure that you keep your eye brown neat and clean all the time and keep the skin around your eyes smooth and clean and if you have dark circles then treat them, if you want to keep eyes beautiful  then look after them and now we are going to get perfect eye make up.

Almond/Average Eyes:– normally we call it an Asian eye shape with wider lines and this is the most common eye shape and to applying the makeup you just need to enhance the depth and intensity of your eyes and apply the perfect eyeliner to create the larger eye look and fro that you need to apply the lines on the upper lid from the inner corner and keep getting thicker towards the outer corner of the eye and to and to make it look like rounder then you should stop your eyeliner before the outer corner of your eye and if you apply the eyeliner to both upper and lower lids then you will get a dramatic touch with sharp eye shape thick lines that get thinner from the center to the inner corner. Mascara should be applies on the upper lashes with emphasis on the outer corners, and for the perfect eye shadow you should use light color from lash to brow and then a medium shade in the eye lid crease and blend it well inward to get smoother look.

Make-Up Tips For Different Eye Types

Prominent Eyes:– This is a eye shape is a very complicated eye shape and you need to work on almost each aspect, first of all you need to minimize the size of your upper lid which will make your eyes a bit smaller and you need to apply a very dramatic liner on three quarters of the upper and lower lash line, you just need to apply a very thin one on the upper one and a slightly thicker on the lower line and use a very light eye shadow across the brow bone to get the attention away from your eyes and then now  sweep a darker eye shadow on whole eye lid and apply a shimmer over the both corner and rub it with your eyes to create the lengthy eye and use darker mascara.

Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape

Wide Set Eyes:– I would say that you would love your eyes just if you know how to look after your eyes and you just need to create the illusion of closer eye look and you can apply a thin line of liner for this and you need to apply a liner to emphasizing the inner third of your eye and you need to make a V on your inner eye look and keep your liner smooth and neat till your half eye lid and use lighter color on your inner lid and the lighter on your inner eye  and apply some shimmer on the inner corner on both sides and rub it well to get perfect look.

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