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Loving Yourself: A Key Element in Fitness Formula

Be happy and loving within yourself and see the wonderful results of self acceptance.

Loving Yourself: A Key Element in Fitness Formula According to different studies it has been revealed that if the women love and accept them selves their weight loss and obesity reduced which is due to emotional eating.

These studies help the women to love and accept themselves in two unique ways:

  • Women are created by most ideal body shape.
  • They are made to accept that how they look and they are realized that they are more then just their looks.
  • The participant’s women in the study realized that their looks are less important as compared to their sense of self and the importance of their life. It will reduce their habit of emotional eating and reduced the weight of about ten percent as compared to those who do not develop the self importance sense.
  • Any how when we not learn to love and accept our own importance we eat unhealthy foods, exercise less and our sleep is also disturbed. All these lead to improper functioning of body cells and as result different ailments as obesity, anxiety, depressions and cancers of different kinds are seen.



  • It is the fact that the beauty lays in the eyes of beholder and it not the matter of physical appearance. There are many of women around us who have perfect figure and slim and trimmed body but they are unsatisfied due to their low financial resources or have incompatible relationships. All this create anxiety and depression in them and they start to hate from their life.
  • Though media plays a great role in making the slim acceptable and overweight unacceptable. It increases the burden on women by making them thin or leaner all the time with all other daily stresses in hectic schedules.
  • One of the great reasons to ignore yourself that we think that we can not attain the beauty of ideal figures either on TV screens or around us. But nothing is impossible if you start loving to yourself and thinking about your self.
  • Another major source which is the hindering factor in our daily skin and body care regimen is our low budget, but not to fret as God blessed us many useful ingredients in our kitchen and surrounding environment. All these are the best alternatives of saloon beauty treatment with harsh chemicals.


  • Happiness lies not in our looks, not in material objects and money, not in our possessions and not in our doings. It is the matter of each and every moment with what we have. If we remain thankful to God about the things which we have, we will be happy.
  • If we start to keep ourselves happy, it will generate the emotions which stimulate us to take care of us and start to do which leads to healthy life style.


  • Talk to yourself in compassionate way throwing away all negativity.
  • Always be kind to yourself.
  • Avoid taking the full responsibility of every adverse factor to yourself.
  • Substitute the languages that are emotionally loaded.
  • Be happy and loving within yourself and see the wonderful results of self acceptance.

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