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Lose Weight Without Quitting Sugar

Lose Weight Without Quitting SugarI m going tell you that you don’t need to quit sugar to lose weight, but I am not saying that sugar is good, sugar is a unhealthy food and it has so many issues, but if you like sugar too much then you can learn how to minimize these issues, so are you ready to learn these tricks?

Actually when you eat sugar, it direct your metabolism to store fat rather than burning them so the first negative impact of these sweet cubes is they make fat to stay in our body rather than meld off . Sugar get convert into glucose an stays in the body and if you eat other thing including rice, pasta, bread and milk they behave the same, as soon you eat sugar your body release insulin and start storing fat as much you eat and the more sugar you eat, the more insulin is released by your body and you starts getting fat and you start looking big so this is the reason people say if you want to lose weight quit sugar , but there are some very simple ways to eat sugar and still manage to lose weight.

Use Vinegar: If you cannot quit sugar then you should start consuming vinegar as this will help your metabolism to work the way it suppose to and if sugar make your body to release insulin vinegar will help metabolism to burn off that too.

Eat Metals: I am not saying that you should eat copper and iron, am saying that you should start some healthy supplement of chromium picolinate before every meal which is high in carbohydrate and that will help your body to bring down the blood glucose level, so in short you need some supplements of chromium, but make sure that suffix picolinate is in it.

Fiber or Fiber Pill: If you can take some over the counter medicines then as for some pill made from soluble fibre or real fiber and konjac root which can help your blood sugar and it can help your fat and make your metabolism to work properly.

If you cannot quit sugar then you need to start burning all the calories in the morning, you cannot wait for evening for that, so just get up one hour earlier and run for 50 minutes or do a intensive workout and that will not only help you losing weight, but it will also help you with your fresh start of the day.

At the end, I want you to try to reduce your sugar intake, if you have sweet tooth then try to distract your urge to eat sugar, when you feel that you need to eat something sweet, eat uncooked raw sugar like half teas spoon and you will see that it will not only help your craving but it will feel your good too.

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