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Lose Weight Quickly & Safely [ II ]

We talked about some tips and some rules that you need to follow to lose some weight and here are some more for you to lose Wight with your safety and healthy too.

You must and have to drink lots of water, you need to drink more than 12 glasses of water and if you are trying to lose weight then you should avoid all kind of liquid calories, if you cannot quit coffee or tea then you have to take it without any kind and any form of sugar and any kind of milk or tea whitener.

You have to develop a healthy habit and that is eat without water, don’t make your stomach confused, you can drink as much as you want before food and it is good if you drink 25-45 minutes earlier then your food, but not with your food and not even after your food, you have to weight one hour to drink another glass of water after your food.

Lose Weight Quickly & Safely [ II ]

You are not allow to eat food at any fast food chain, no matter how healthy they claim it, you have to cook for yourself and you will not eat food there, you can eat salad that you buy from super store and that has fresh greens and tomatoes, you can add some tofu and some olives if you want to., but nothing else, you need to make efforts for yourself.

Now if you want to know the best diet plan then I will 100% say that 6 times a day food is the best diet plan possible, you cannot make your metabolism run faster than that and if you think that you want to lose weight and you should stop eating then it is wrong, you need to start eating proper food and that will help you lose weight, and the other best diet plan is low-calorie diet, if you eat 1200 calories a day and you burn 2000 then net of that day would be -800 and that is those stored fat that you ate during last months, which means you will start losing rapidly.

Now at the end I would love to add some really important thing for you, it is good that you are eating good and you are changing your lifestyle and all that, but you cannot lose weight if you are not adding some new and various activates in your day to day life and if you are not adding some new exercises, now here is what you should do, you need to run for 45 minutes every day and then you need to spend one hour at gym, but when you are in gym don’t talk, just burn these calories, now you have to follow strict plan for that, you have to do one muscle one day, you can follow this plan chart if you feel okay,

  • Monday: – Arms and you can add shoulder in it too.
  • Tuesday: – chest and you can add abs in it too.
  • Wednesday: – just legs, legs are the longest muscle of body and they need hard work so just spend while one hour for legs and then.
  • Thursday: – is cardio day, I don’t know about you, but trust me you would love that plan and then lots of weight lifts on Friday and Saturday or you can join a yoga class on Saturday and you take a rest on Sunday if you are doing weight training on Saturday and Friday, your muscles need some rest and that is how they repair themselves.
  • Now while you are doing lots of healthy gym you can mix some other forms of weight lose activities too like swimming, cardio, kick-boxing or anything that you like.

Keep moving and you will lose weight in no time.

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