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Lose Weight Quickly & Safely [ I ]

We are going to share some very good and safe ideas that will help you lose weight and will maintain your healthy too, we are totally against of crash diet and starving yourself and we are going to give you a new perception for your weight issue.

First of all you need to see what are the reasons behind your weight and what are the main factors that are making you fat, is this your food, is this the way you cook food, is that your job, it could be your sleep too, there are 100s of reasons and there are 100s of ways to handle them, you need to see the reason of your fat and your weight gain and then you need to treat it.

You need to start with you food, start eating healthy food and you need to start leaning the healthy way of cooking; you must change your eating habits, even if you are a big fan of baking still you cannot eat backed things at all, you are not a kid so are not allow to eat cookies and pastries anymore.

Lose Weight Quickly & Safely [ I ]

From now if you eat, you have to eat in order to lose weight, I am totally against of starving yourself it is the worst thing that you can do with your metabolism, cause when you don’t provide it food it goes into hibernation, and start storing energy and eventually gain more fat and look even more fatter.

You need to understand the healthy food pyramid, it is good that you are eating vegetables, but you need to add some fat in your diet too, you need to add some healthy dairy products too, you need to learn different types of food and how many time you should add meat in your day to day life.

There are some foods and drinks that are really good for you, you must drink one glass of chilled water, water, or green tea before every meal and that will keep you from over eating and that is the best way of eating. You need to add 3 servings of fruit everyday and if you don’t know what is one serving then it is one fruit, but try not to repeat same fruit again during a day.

You need to add at least 4 servings of vegetables every day, now you need to be really smart with you food, you need to add 3 servings of protein and dairy during a day and add one handful of fats means different nuts and you got to add some carbs too to keep your system healthy and strong. I know this is not very easy so I will pick some very simple rules for you. You can eat Carbohydrates, fat, dairy for your Breakfast, I bet you know what should to be your breakfast now.

Lunch supposed to be filled with Veggies and protein but perfectly healthy protein; you cannot call fish and fries or chicken with fries a good source of protein, so make sure you are eating good food. Dinner should to be eaten before 7 and it should be consistent on Protein, veggies, carbohydrates.

Now let’s discus your snacks, you can eat fruit, veggies, dairy, protein, but if you ask me I will say that you should try some nuts in your pocket and keep munching on them and that is the best way to eat to lose weight, each serving should get fit in the palm of your hand and that is the best way of eating to maintain healthy lifestyle.

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