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Lose Weight After A Baby

Lose Weight After A BabyIt is a natural phenomenon and normal that when you get pregnant, you gain lots of or at least few weight and it seems okay when you are carrying your baby, but the day you deliver your baby you want to get back in your old jeans and it seems impossible, and if you are trying to get back in your old jeans then just give yourself 6 weeks and get some rest and enjoy your time with your kid and then buckle up now it is time to kick all of that fat out of your body and shock all of those jealous people who thought you will never get back in your shape ever again, show them they were wrong.
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Physical Exercise:- you need to understand that you cannot start any kind of died as you need to feed your kind and if you cannot provide him the healthy feed then it would be unfair so you need to eat healthy and good food for him, but let me tell you that if you mum is saying that you need to eat lots of butter and lots of milk and cheese then she might just thinking about healthy feed, you can give your kid perfect healthy milk with healthy food too, you should start eating uncooked food fresh fruits, row vegetables, you can eat eggs and butter too, but not too often and try to eat boiled and porridge eggs and you can eat roosted and boiled meat too, I bet you know what is healthy food.Lose Weight After A Baby2

Now when you cannot get on diet you need to burn more rapidly with physical exercises, you need to add more intensity in your activities in your everyday schedule, run as much as you can, you can do yoga asanas even when you are with your kid, he might like to see you doing these funny things.

Drink lots of water that will not only good for you, but it will good for your baby too, I cannot recommend green tea for you cause it might not suitable for your kid and we cannot ignore him for your weight loss, and one of the funniest thing that you need to know is, if you are breastfeed your kid then you will lose 3 Kgs every week without doing anything at all and if you are not using anything artificial then it will help you get in shape  up to some extends.

Don’t listen to anyone who think that you cannot and you should not reduce weight not, it is too soon, they are wrong, six weeks are more than enough.

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