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Look Pretty With Pregnancy

I like to see woman and girls properly ready when they go out and I like to see then looking stylish and extraordinary even if they are pregnant, even though I know it is not as easy as it sound like with the hormonal imbalances, nauseas, dizziness and puking, but you can give it a dry according to your own choice and look.

First of all you need to maintain a healthy hygiene, I meant don’t stop visiting your dermatologist or your solon, you would look horrible without facial, plucking and waxing and don’t think that these are acceptable if you are pregnant, if your pregnancy or your hormones bringing skin issues then don’t take it as an excuse and treat them, you still can use home remedies to deal with skin issues and you can sue ready to use products too, they are safe for you and wash your face with chilled water three time a day, you just need to make sure that the products which you are using for your skin is not bad for your baby, so you can use home remedies without any fear.

Look Pretty With Pregnancy

Keep rubbing oils to your body to prevent and  treat stretch marks, I know that sound too much, but you will thank me for this later and I would say use Bio oil for this , its best.

No matter how hard craving you feel for unhealthy food, don’t eat them, they are not good for your skin, eat healthy and fresh food, juices and drink lots of water, push fluid to stay moisturizer and this will keep your system running and healthy too.

How to Look Pretty and Pregnant
Avoid stress as much as possible, it’s not good for your health or for your baby, try to maintain a healthy environment you should get some kind of meditation or yoga too, you can join some yoga institute too.

Get a good night’s sleep and try to sleep with comfortable dress and mind, don’t put alarm to your good night sleep, try to sleep without alarm or any kind of disturbance and try to get the habit to sleep in darkness cause this will help you later when your baby will come cause he will get sleepy as soon as you turn the light off.

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