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Lip Care In Winter Season

Lip Care In Winter Season
The lips get chapped in this winter season due to absence of lubrication.

Lip Care In Winter Season Usually we take care our teeth and forget the lips, as result of it the lip surface become dry and looses its vitality.

In winter season this dryness of lips irritate you when these get extremely dry, painful and sometimes inflammation is seen. The first thing in case of lip care is to hydrate them sufficiently.

The lips skin is free from sebaceous glands, so require external moisturizer for their care and keep them hydrated. The lips get chapped in this winter season due to absence of lubrication.



  1. Drink plenty of water in this season to hydrate the skin of lips.
  2. Avoid the harshness of weather, if it is impossible then go outside with the lavish application of lip balm.
  3. Not to lick your lips frequently to moisturize them it will   make them darker.
  4. Not to pick the dry skin of lips with teeth or with fingers as it will create soreness.
  5. Take vitamin supplements especially B12 to nourish the skin and smooth blood circulation.
  6. Make your bed side routine to apply lip balm regularly at night.
  7. Use following recipes to make your lips kissable in winter.



  • 1 table spoon of honey.
  • 1 /2 table spoon of olive oil.
  • 1 table spoon of baking soda.


How to apply:

  • Mix honey and baking soda to make the paste.
  • Apply it on lips for couple of minutes.
  • Rub the lips gently to remove the dead skin.
  • Clean the surface with cotton cloth gently.
  • Apply the olive oil to moisturize the lips.
  • This will keep the lips hydrated.



Gently mash the papaya to get the pulp. Apply generously on the lips and skin around mouth .Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Then rinse the lips gently. Papaya contains the exfoliating enzymes which help in removing the dead skin and relax the lips. It also soften and refine the lip lines.



If the lips are much prone to chap and dry then make the cream for lips contain vitamin A, C and E with AHA moisturizer and SP 15. Apply this daily at night. It will prevent the lip wrinkles and appearance of lines on lips.

If the above tips and remedies are used they make the lips surface supple throughout the year.

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