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Lighten Up Your House With Candles

There are lots of things that you can buy from market to decorate your house, but what if you make something with your own hands and then use it to decorate your house with it, and what if that thing which you make with your hands is candle, a beautiful candle? Let’s see if you can enjoy making a candle as much I do or not.

Water Candles

Normally when we start with candle making we start with normal candle, but I guess we can manage this one pretty well, it is very easy and you can be as crazy and as much innovative as much you want to, I am just going to give you a simple idea and then you can handle the rest.

Water candles are very easy to make but they look spectacular and they seems pretty extra ordinary too and if you are one of those who like to see floating lights then this is a brilliant gift for you. The combination of water with a few decorations makes a marvelous decoration pied and you can use some old and some broken pieces in this new decoration piece too, you can use old stones, broken glasses and other beautiful things and you need to add some shimmering stone too cause they will look extra ordinary good in glass with light.

Lighten Up Your House With Candles

First of all you need to find a pretty glass jar you can use any glass and candle will not harm it at all and you can use any simple jar too if you want even a jelly bottle or you can use any glass for that and the next step is add some stones or anything to decorate the base of the jar, like sand, glass pebbles, mini plastic toys, faux gems or anything at all, anything you want, now add some water in it and make sure that whatever you use is clean cause otherwise it will ruin the image, make sure you are pouring very slowly and you are not sabotaging the decorating.

Now you just need to create a fine layer over this and you can use vegetable oil for this so just add one tablespoon on top of the water and make sure that it is cover the top completely now you need a piece of wick one inch or 2.5 cm in thickness and cut the Vacuform tray to fit the width of the jar and then past the wick into the hole in the Vacuform tray, with the domes of the tray facing up and place the Vacuform tray with the wick over the oil very softly and slowly into the jar.
Here you go, enjoy the beautiful light of your won candle style.

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