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Let’s Know About Metabolism

We are going to talk about our metabolism today and for that you need to understand that we are pretending that our bodies are machineries and our food is the petrel that we pour in these machines and our system convert it into energy which our body need to perform all the work and all the functions and the process that our body perform while it convert then food into energy called metabolism. If your metabolism is faster then it will use all the food that you ate and convert it in energy and make you faster and healthier, but what if that is slow and it is keeping everything you eat in some sort of storing? What will be the result of that disorder? You will get fat, no matter how less or how healthy you eat if you are not making it work faster then you will start getting fatter.

Normally a food should be consistent on these elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and various other inorganic elements and that is a healthy food, but you need to maintain a balance between these elements and you need to see if they are making you healthier and faster or you feel lazy and sleepy all the time which shows that you are not getting all the energy that you need from your food.

Let’s Know About Metabolism

We are not going to talk about what our body get from what food, we are going to talk about why our food act defiantly to different people, let’s suppose we take two members of a same family and they are living in the same house and eating same food, but one of them is thin and one is fatter, I would not call it healthier, what is the reason of that? Well! There are two reasons or if you say two perceptions then it would be good, we can say that the difference between these two people is the difference between the rate of speed that their metabolism work, and why is that? Cause one of them is working too hard or he is doing something that require more energy an more power and when our body produce things to fulfill that requirement it burn more fat and sometimes it burn even stored fats too.

How to Let’s Know About Metabolism

Now I will tell you another thing that metabolism pick to function, and I am not talking about the way science do we are talking on the level which is understandable for all of you, when we eat something  and we are not burning all the calories and if our body feel that this parson doest need all the energy as it is not doing anything hard so it stores all the fat and sugar for bad times, like when we don’t have food to eat or when we are ill of something like that, but what if we don’t work out for whole week? Whole month, what will our body do about that? Well not our body actually the cells which are storing that fat every day, they automatically, start storing them in skin and space between skin and flash and that calls cellulite, the hardest fat to burn.

Now what if suddenly us feels that you need to burn fat and you need to start some diet? You go on some kind of diet and now you will see the double behavior of our body, first it feels that the body is under attach and it is not getting food, so they start storing whatever you eat, they start making bubbles and gas to maintain the size of your body and make it impossible to lose some weight, due to these things you get tired too easily, or if you are trying to lose weight with exercise then your body resist and actually safeguard all the fat under your skin and keep it safe from melting down and that is the time when you need to be motivated, you need to be regular and stick with your diet and you will see that your once your body  will quit you will lose weight very rapidly.

If you are trying to lose weight healthy way is the only way to lose weight.

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