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Latest Shalwar Kameez Fashion In Pakistan

Pakistan is a Muslim country and known all over the world for its religious value, culture and tradition. Being a muslim country Islam has a deep concern in our life that is that reason that it reflect in our every stuff.

Even in Pakistani fashion Industry fashion designers like to keep this important feature in mind that their designs should reflect the Pakistani culture and Islamic values.


Shalwar Kameez is one of the most famous dress in Pakistan as it covers all those features which are needed to be kert while wearing a fashion stuff for a Muslim woman.

Pakistani Fashion is progressing by leaps and bounds in Pakistan like no other industry and fashion designers are trying even harder to drag it toward some new horizons of success.


Well, if we talk about shalwar kameez so you will be amazed that Pakistani designer Shalwar Kameez is getting even famous in outside the country for its simplicity and uniqueness.

Shalwar Kameez in the best dress which has been acclaimed to wear the modesty not only in pakistan but all over the world and fashion designers are working on that particular dress to make it more delegate and attractive.


Well, Shalwar Kameez is also common in India but in Pakistan it is deeply stake with the tradition and culture especially on any cultural or religious occasions most of the dress which are designed by top fashion designers in Pakistan are stitched in the style of Shalwar Kameez and almost every fashion designers has launched their collection in Shalwar Kameez style as it is also Pakistan’s National dress for both men and women.


Even some of the designers has edit the designs and style of Shalwar Kameez in various ways like Patiala Salwar, Sindhi Salwar, Dhoti cut Salwar, Baggy Salwar and Kameez with the mid length, floor length and aeroplane style and most stylish for is Kurta.

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