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Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Kissing: KS Drops Out Of ‘Cali’ And Cancels ‘On The Road’ Premiere

The news came out after she said to have pulled out of her On The Road concert in London next Thursday as she feels so ashamed t show off her face to the public following her recent affair with co-star Rupert Sanders.

Her cancellation decision still unclear as to why Stewart chose to deny performance in the Nick Cassavetes-directed film project. And her camp hasn’t yet released any comment to confirm the reports. The Voltage Production, a company that is leading the project, has said that it would be make decision and announcement soon.

After the departure of the “Twilight” star, it was reported by the Gossip Cop claiming that Amber Heard is joining the cast although it has not been confirmed if she will take on an edgy and sexy female lead role.


On the set in Los Angeles for the film “Cali” has tapped Alex Pettyfer to play the leading man Chris, who is the beau friend of the Kristen Stewart in the movie and she’s involved with a dangerous business with him.

Meanwhile, the scrip will be penned by Michael Diliberti. The indie movie is expected to release filming late in summer. Before making decision to cancel “Cali,” the 22-year-old star has recently played a role in “Lie Down in Darkness,” an adaptation of William Styron’s 1951 novel about a dysfunctional Virginian Loftis family.


The film director, Nick Cassavetes, who gave us The Notebook and gritty Alpha Dog, is scheduled to be the man behind the cameras, while Kristen Stewart was reported to play as producer too.

In fair of her love affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Twilight star was caught while kissing Sanders in out of the shooting days. Cause of this scandal she decided to bowed out of her latest premiere.

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