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Korean Beauty Secrets For You

Korean Beauty SecretsKorean beauties are famous for their looks and skin and when Korean Actress Go Hyun Jung published her beauty secrets in a documentary titled ‘Go Hyun Jung’s Texture’, it proved the best seller of the year and all copies were sold out within two days of its launch and today we are going to share some of them with you.

Adequate Hydration: Water is the best thing that you can provide your skin ever, you get naturally and it is the magical potion and it has more than millions of health and beautiful benefits, so carry a water bottle with you all the time and keep sipping it through the day, if you feel that your body is retaining water then reduce the use of salt in your body, other than that you can drink as much water as much you want and it will not only moisturize your skin inside out, it flush out the bad toxic of your body and keep your fresh and healthy, but there is something that Koreans recommend for healthy body, drink water before meal, never ever drink anything with your meals.

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Maintain A Regular Skin Care: – Never ever ignore the power and the importance of skin cleansing, but never use ready to use things on your skin, they are not good for the skin of your face, they carry too much chemical and they are pretty harsh so they recommend to use oils for cleansing, you can keep a mixture of coconut, almond or any cleansing oil in a bottle and use it to massage on your face for 5 minutes every night and then wipe it off with wet worm cotton towel, then wash your face with chilled water to close all opened pores and use rice powder to scrub your face every other day, you can soak it in plain milk for an hour and then use it on your face to scrub off all the dead cells.

Koreans prefer tapping the toner with fingertips for better absorption and they use a very special toner, you need to take one cup unpolished rise and add one glass of water in it and rub the rice with your both hands till water become milky white and then keep the water in a glass bottle and use it as many time as possible on your face to get beautiful clean skin.

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I am not ashamed of accepting that serum is a very new thing for use, but they have been using the serums and essential oils for ages, they make serums at home with vitamins and carrier oils and apply that all over their face and neck whenever they wash their face.

They rely on face packs too much and they use natural things for that, honey, fruits, nuts, plants and herbs and they use some very strange things on their face, like they use shell powder on their face, silk worm powder and many more.

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