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Know If The You Have A Fake Handbag

Today we are going to talk about fake production, we all know that branded and original things are far expansive and sometime imposable to buy then if someone offers us the exactly the same product, but fake then it take a whole minute to say no to that, and it seems aright too cause we are not hurting anyone and if we can enjoy the feelings of a real product then it feel okay and justifying, but actually it is not, whenever you buy a illegal thing you encourage criminal to make the another illegal thing, fake merchandise are wrong and by dong this you are actually insulting you favorite brand too and they might end up getting too much loss that they decided to shut down the business, so if you really admire something too much then you need to buy the real not the fake.

Today we are going to try a bit to tell you how you know if the thing is real not a fake, so first of all don’t ever go for price tag alone, we know that original would be expansive, but I bet you would not want to pay for fake, normally that is a start of a journey to know if the bag is original or fake, you need to see the pries tag carefully, genuine article does not come cheap and normally big and famous brands comes with some specific price tag, so just make sure you actually know your favorite brand.

Know If The You Have A Fake Handbag

Now the next step is check the material and the stitching of the bag, if the bag look luxurious and they have used the real material and the stitching is pretty and smooth then they are original, but If it is sloppy, loose and unraveling and the most horribly if they did not match the color of thread with the color of bag or the design then they are Fake, I hate it when they do that.

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

The lining of a real bag is as important as the outside, they normally try their level best to make things as good as possible, but fake pay full attention on the outside, so that is a good idea to know if the bag is original or not.

How to Tell if a Designer Bag Is Fake

Last but not least, you need to pay full attention to check the logo and trademark, you need to match the article number with the logo and you can do that on line with the official website of the brand and that is the  ultimate way of check the original.

Best of luck.

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