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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Childhood Photos With her Little Baby

Kim Kardashian Daughter New Photo North West UnveiledKim Kardashian has abandoned her daughter for the first time to go to Paris Fashion Week with Kanye West. Back at home, the young mother has published a picture of North West on her Instagram account, a first!

The appearances of Kim Kardashian since its birth on June 15 are rare and because the young mother wanted to take her daughter away from the North West media. She also confessed that her pregnancy pounds were still disturbing. Kim Kardashian has signed her comeback at the Paris Fashion Week where she came up with Kanye West to attend the Givenchy and enjoy some evenings.

Kim Kardashian Daughter New Photo North West Unveiled-

The star of the reality appeared blonde and a little thin but the pounds are still totally gone. But she decided to take by wearing outfits fitting necklines and especially Max. Kim Kardashian is pointed out in the streets of Paris these days. The fans have always wondered whether North West remained at home. The answer is yes, because the young mother was quick to post a picture of her offspring as soon as she recovered.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Childhood photos with her little baby

This is the first time Kim Kardashian shares a photo North West. So far, we had been able to see the baby’s face once. Kanye West showed a picture of her daughter at the TV show her stepmother on the Kardashian family. Kim Kardashian has certainly wanted to share the joy of being reunited with his daughter! We find a picture of the baby wrapped in white cloth.

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