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Keep Your High Heels Safe & Protected

I love high heels and these are the best thing that I guess I have ever bought, nothing is as refreshing and as marvelous then a new pair of heels, they make me feel so good and so happy that I can actually sleep with my heels on, I simply love all the high heel brands, but I love sky high and I love platform heels, but if I have to buy the new pair of branded comfortable and beautiful  heels then I have to safe at least one to two months and then I will be able to buy one classy pair of shoes, so when I pay that much for one pair of heels then I want to keep it safe and fresh for a bit longer time of periods and I normally apply these tips that I am sharing with you guys today 🙂

First of all while you are buying a new pair you need to make sure that it is perfectly made, you need to see if it has any kind of, sharp edges, glue or stitching marks that will make your experience with your new pair of shoes horrible.

Keep Your High Heels Safe & Protected

If you are looking for some comfortable and stylish high heels then try to get leather shoes rather than synthetic ones because they feel more comfortable and they are look good for a longer time of period and they can be refresh with shoe polish and some branded shiners too.

Keep Your Head Heels and Standards High

If you just bought the new pair then try not to wear it for a longer time of period, try to use it for a while and then give it some brake then try another show time.

How to Keep Your Feet From Hurting in High Heels

It is very essential that when you are wearing your shoes you protect your heels from dirt, humidity and drying out by applying a shoe-care product, there are lots of things that you can use to protect your shoes and the heels and if you buying heels then buy those protective products too, Before wearing your shoes, remove all stickers because the glue on it collects dirt and spoil the classy look and it will spoil the real charm too.

How to Stop High Heels From Hurting

When you are storing your shoes, try to put some fabric or wood foot in it so nothing spoil the real shape of your shoes.

Best of luck 🙂

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