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Katy Perry Skin Tight Dress With Obama’s ‘Forward’ Slogan

Katy Parry know very well that how to get the attention of the people on or off side the camera as this is one of the celebrities of the Hollywood who are famous among the fans more than one reason and one of the biggest reason of her popularity is that she has made her personality much impressive with the passage of time.


Even her appearance is getting more stunning with her every performance. It was devasting when she made appearance in the President Barack Obama’s Milwaukee rally Saturday in the dress which was featured with the Slogan “Forward”.

28-year old American singer, songwriter, and actress and I feel no hesitation to call her a fashion trendier has just stunned the really when she made her appearance for having a performance but what was that her appearance was more power full than anything at the time when she appeared in the stage in the really of President Barack Obama she was wearing a skin tight dress on the dress on the left side it was written like Forward which is the slogan of the President Barack Obama’s really.

That has been called as the one of this election season’s best fashion moments. The Hollywood super star was featured in a red white and blue dress holding a microphone shaped like The Statue of Liberty. She gave a wonder full and tremendous performance on one of his hit name “Let’s Stay Together”.

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