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Kate Middleton Plays Field Hockey While Wearing High-Heeled Boots And Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton has just started to make it a trend to make everyone stunned by showing the new sides of her personality with every new appearance.

Recently she gave an appearance in the Museum’s opening ceremony after a long time in the stunning dressing she was looking very beautiful with slighter change in her personality due to her change in hairstyle.

Now, again she has just make people amazed by entering in the hockey field with a grip on the Hockey stick and running after the ball while wearing the high heels on the ground, Daily Mail reports.

Well, that may be not an amazing news for dome of the people who know that she is a hockey player is her younger age at the school time.

30-year old Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has become the most famous celebrity of the Royal Family of England and with every passing day she is getting close to the heart of her nation.

Recently the prince William made appearance in old prep school but she made everyone amazed when she stepped on the hockey pitch holding a hockey stick in the hand she was looking even delighted that she forgot to wear the kit or maybe she thought it not necessary at all to wear even the shoe on the ground while playing as she was in the High heel shoes.

She remind her old time while chatting to a group of young children, when she was also a player of the Hockey team of £16,950-a-year school. Kate told the children of the school that at her time there were two guinea pigs. “There was one called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak”.

Well during the visit she speak about her time that, “It is such a treat l to be back here at St Andrew’s. I absolutely loved my time here; they were some of my happiest years, which makes it so incredibly special to be here today. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when I had to leave, I told my mother that I was going to come back to be a teacher. While that didn’t quite happen, I was thrilled to have been asked back today on St. Andrew’s Day.?”

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