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Kate Middleton New Hair: Why Is She Trying To Look Older? ‘Isn’t Sure’ About New Do

Kate Middleton is considered not only the High Profile Celebrity of the Royal family but also she is considered as the fashion icon of the international fashion industry for having the brilliant and impressive personality of the royal family.

After becoming the Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of the Prince William she has got the most attraction of the media and right from that day her every single move was caught by the international media and her dressing sense become very famous.

Well after the two year of her becoming the celebrity she has gone a bit controversial by some people that why she always like to get dressed up in the old fashion style.

Well, it doesn’t mean those dreary black court shoes worn with a dowdy green Mulberry dress which she have got while having a tour to the museum but the outer look of her other than dress like the hairstyle what she have got recently to make a change in her personality is quite old trend as it was worn by a Hollywood actress in early eighties.

Here a statement has been written by the Dailymail.co.uk that, “Who gave permission for Kate to cut her lustrous locks? The Queen would surely never have approved. Now Kate, normally so open and outgoing, is in danger of being transformed into a modern-day Diana: all peek-a-boo Bambi eyes.”

A commentator of the U.S. news channel has pronounced the Kate that “our future queen to Farrah Fawcett (I know, I know), who championed a flicked cut that was kept in place by rigid gels and unguents.”

It is considered that might be the favorite hairdresser of the Duchess said to Kate that, ‘We need to ring the changes. A fringe will make you look younger. It will show off those cheekbones. Trust me, you’ll love it!’ Well whatever the reason behind wearing that particular haircut but Kate Middleton has got the attention of the people who are stake to the fashion industry.

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