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Kate Middleton Eye Makeup Tips

Kate Middleton Eye Makeup TipsKate Middleton has got enough fame and popularity in such a short period of time after tying knots with The Prince William. Well, she is the Duchess of Cambridge is not the only reason for her fame around the world but there is a lot of other reason in which her personality and her appearance in the royal and social venue is the bigger one. It is said about her that she has a perfect command on choosing her wearing stuff for the occasions and parties and most importantly her makeup style. Her simple beautiful make style is getting very popular and her eye makeup too which is the most attracting part in her face.

As i have narrated that, it is said about Duchess of Cambridge that she knows very well what suits her best either it is dress, hairstyle, footwear or makeup so she tries to be looked like a natural beauty and that is the only reason of her impressive personality. Well if we talk about her make up particularly it is rumor about her that she has hired a make artist who trains her and teaches her that how to do a make for the different time and venues and she uses the Beth Bender Get in Line Stencil Kit.Kate Middleton Eye Makeup Tips

Here are five tips to makeup same like Kate Does. first of all while doing makeup you should choose medium size shadow brush and apply a dark brown shades toward the top of the eyelid blending it away softly into the socket area. Than second steps use eyeliner with a light black color along the lash line at the top and bottom. It should be thin in the start and getting a bit boarder from middle to end. The third step is that draw the same line underneath of the eyes, Kate tends to stick to dark brown eyeliner.

Fourth step, Kate also has an immaculate complexion that she enhances with minimal foundation. For an even base like Kate’s, apply a foundation primer which will help the foundation base coat to be applied more evenly. Fifth Step, for lips, stick to neutral pinky tones or just gloss – Kate keeps color minimal

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