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Karma’s Stunning Weekend Sale Dresses 2012

Karma, which is the leading luxury fashion house of Pakistan that provides its clients classic elegance, star power glamour, fabulous clothes and the complete retail experience, is back with more bang.

The famous fashion house is providing the best fashion dresses to its clients and fans since 12 years. Karma is recognized as one of the rare South Asian fashion houses that has introduced Western-style garments.


The latest collection is especially made according to the demand of their fans and clients who always like to wear something new with the passage of time and fashion trend of Pakistan.

is made with vibrant colors and very cool patterns. This is the season of weddings and you must be invited on any wedding party where you will think to wear something different, good-looking and glamorous dress.

This stunning and glamorous collection will be available on all the eleven outlets of Karma Pink which are found in all the big cities of Pakistan.


You must imagine after see the collection of Karma Pink that these are new, unique, glamorous and good-looking. These garments such as cocktail dresses and evening gowns, to the South Asia.

Karma’s three well-known and famous brands, Karma Pink, Karma Wedding and Karma Couture got fame all across the world where the people want to change their look like Pakistan, England, United States and The Middle East.

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