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Jennifer Lopez Debuts A Short And Sassy New Haircut

Short hair styles is one of the most famous latest hair style. The hair may be partitioned in the middle or they may be at the side to give the more versatile look.

It can also be created on every type of hair style whether they are curly, straight hairs. Hollywood top star actress and singer Jennifer Lopez also known as a girl with a curl has recently given a new look to her hairs for a stage performance.


The 42-year old “Dance On the Floor” hit-maker has been experimenting with curls as her relationship with 25-year-old toyboy, Casper Smart reveals up.

The fashion-forward star kept her trademark long, smooth tresses for a quite shoulder-length, curly bob. Celebrities always have glamorous hair but just because their hairstyles look good on them doesn’t necessarily mean that they would look good on you as well.


Lopez and her boyfriend and also dancer-choreographer Smart, dazzled in matching black jackets and dark sunglasses, enjoyed some downtime before Lopez took the stage in her concert, the US Magazine reported.

Most of the couples are shy when it comes to showing their apparent love for each other but Jennifer Lopez and her toyboy dancer Casper Smart are really not shy.


The “Dance On The Floor” singer recently showcased her love in a new steamy video where Casper is seen shirtless and blindfolded, with the words ‘Love is blind’ written across the black cloth.

The lyrics of this song, whose steamy video premieres this Thursday night on Idol, are, “Nobody knows what I’m feeling inside, I find it so stupid, So why should I hide, That I love to make love to you baby.”

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