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Is Cramping a Sign of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Is Cramping a Sign of Miscarriage in Early PregnancyIs Cramping a Sign of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy, I have seen many woman who feel periods life cramps and pain throughout their pregnancy, some of them even get some sort of bleeding too, but still they deliver absolutely healthy and perfect baby,  does it sound something you need to calm down:) I am very happy that you are taking your baby and your pregnancy seriously, but don’t be scared too much cause we all know that a woman is a bag of hormones and you can disturb all of the packing with only using your brain and some neurons, so don’t picnic and enjoy this beautiful  time.

Having cramps in your lower abdominal area or lower back in early pregnancy is not necessarily a symptom of miscarriage, actually this is a symptom that your baby is growing bigger and it is absolutely fine and the growth rate is increasing and need more space than it already have;) cramping without bleeding or with bleeding, is usually not a sign of miscarriage, but if you are getting these cramps or brief pains in your lower abdomen areas with some unusual amount of bleeding and you continuously feeling pain then you might need to get to your gynecologist immediately, but still don’t panic!

Does Cramping in Early Pregnancy Mean Miscarriage

Sign of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Sometime during late pregnancy periods, like 30 week or 20 weeks you might get cramps like feeling, but still it is nothing serious,  you may experience shooting pains in the lower abdomen or around your hips which is round ligament pain which nothing but your own baby and its healthy growing weight and size, but in some case, if cramps are occurring in regular intervals in the second or third trimester then it can be something serious and something which need to get checked medically  and you need to know all about preterm labor too, sit down with your doc and talk all about it.

Now I want to talk something serious cause there are times when these cramping like sensation can indeed be a sign of miscarriage or a sign of something bad, you should call your doctor immediately and tell them whatever you feeling in detail and see what they advice, they might schedule some testing and then they would determine whether you are having a miscarriage or everything is absolutely fine.

You can talk to your doc as much as you want and whenever you are concerned about anything at all, about your health, about your baby or anything that is bothering you and they will give you all the time you need and quid you in all ways, about every level of pregnancy, I have seen that sometime woman feel faint and/or abdominal cramping with severe bleeding and that is a sign of miscarriage I am afraid.

Moderate Cramping Early Pregnancy

Sometime when woman conceive after a miscarriage then she get almost all the signs and symptoms, but don’t be scared cause this is nothing but anxiety and fear  and in real it is just normal uterine stretching and growth and it is a kind of part of pregnancy.

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