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In Home Increase The Rate of Ovulation

Ovulation is the process of releasing of eggs from the ovaries and ready for fertilization. It is very interesting and magical process. In ovaries many eggs are prepared but only one or two eggs ripe or fully matured. These fully matured eggs are released from ovaries and via fallopian tubes or baby tubes come to the uterus. In their journey if they meet with the male sperms they get fertilized and implant inn the wall of the uterus. Otherwise if not fertilized they rupture under the influence of hormones and menstrual cycle begins.

The life of mature egg is only 24 hours. In this period they have to be fertilized for pregnancy. The cervical mucus is the egg white like substance secreted by women cervix and helps the sperms to move within the woman womb. More the mucus sticky more the chances of gripping the sperm cells of man. So there are numerous vitamins and supplements available to increase the ovulation. But there are certain home remedies which are effective and practiced through centuries:


Vitamin C is essential to strengthen the immune system of the body and to help in fighting against the different infections. This is the commonly known function of the vitamin C, but inspire of this it is helpful in increasing the watery content of cervical mucus secretion. And the amount of it in the cervix is increased. That’s the reason at puberty desire for sour things increased and the most fertile period is going to start.


These are the source of nitric oxide which dilates the blood vessels and flow of blood is increased. More and more flow of blood toward the reproductive organs as ovaries and uterus more they function properly. As a result of it their efficiency for ovulation is increased.


It is the source of vitamin C and has antioxidant effects. It is used as supporter of sperm protection and increase the quantity of cervical mucus.


Primrose oil also increase the secretion of cervical mucus and also helpful to cure the inflammations in the womb.


These are the source of vitamin E which is essential for proper functioning of the reproductive system. All dry fruits and nuts are used as enhance the working of reproductive system.
In addition to these foods other nutrients as yogurt, cheese, vegetables and fruits which are rich in folic acids are used to increase the ovulation.

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