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Importance Of Play For Children

Importance Of Play For Children – To play with the child is always a great fun and it is the best amusement for both. The children when asked about their best time by a toy company they replied that when they play with their parents. To play is the best source of learning as well as to build the character of the child.

It is the informal way to teach the child many ethical values.  Beside all this the play effects the brain development of children much. As the child grows his brain cells are forming rapidly and each stimulation form the new synapses or an electric connection in the brain. So if something is repeated again and again it will make the synapses more strong and in turn make the development process more rapid and efficient.


  1. To play with children is always have many positive effects in their development, some are as follows;
  2. By playing with your children you make a strong bonding with him and it is very important for healthy relationship.
  3. While you are playing with your children you can observe many of his hidden feelings which are not apparent in usual life as aggressiveness, jealousy with some one or the sympathies for some thing or plying partner.
  4. While children are playing, usually by play they can depict their aptitudes which are helpful for their future planning’s.
  5. By playing they learn patience, team spirit, and how to cope their defeat.


It is the best entertainment to play wit the children.

Here are some ways to play with the children;

  • Give the child the leading role but make sure that the game is safe and not in any way give harm to child.
  • While playing with the children not to compete with them, it will degrade you and he might avoid playing with you.
  • Allow him to learn by experiments.
  • Try to listen more from the child.
  • Not to consider your self superior then the child and respect his feelings and emotions.
  • Try to play such games in which the mental and physical energies are used so that the extra energy of the child is compensated as much as possible and if he is hyper then this can be controlled.

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