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Immature Baby

Premature babies are those in which the birth takes place a little before the actual time. These babies are much more fragile and vulnerable to different infections and   environmental factors and difficult to handle in all respects.  These babies need more attention patience and care in their handling and in their upbringing so parents need special knowledge and skill to handle them and need special attention in their grooming.

However the following steps should be taken in their care:

  1. To have a premature baby is the matter of great patience. So before the birth of such babies it is demanded that parents should do the proper homework in their handling. They shall study literature, meet with the parents having such babies and read literature about such baby’s upbringing. Usually these babies come in world with different physical problems as anemic, low sugar content, respiratory problems, etc.
  2. These babies should be kept in safe ,neat and clean environment because of weak immune system they got all infections easily. They are kept at the place where there is no dust or smoke and free from germs and suitable body temperature.
  3. These babies feed breast milk with difficulty so breast pump is required in the beginning and they need to breast feed more then others so that their immune system strengthened.
  4. Such babies require more skin to skin contact then other to thrive. This is done by spending hours with your baby so that he will develop the feeling of security and protection.
  5. As the care of such babies need extra energies both physical and mental so there parents get exhausted and in order to keep them relaxed these parents also require proper diet and rest and if possible the proper assistance is helpful for them.
  6. These babies need more feeds then the normal babies for their survival so the schedule is made different for such babies.
  7. If there is some unusual change is observed in their physical appearance as skin tone breathing rate then their doctor should be consulted.

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